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APPLE Leather iPhone 6 Plus Case

Mới Full Box 100% Full Box
Made In P.R.C
Giá:600.000 đ
KM: 300.000 đ

Made from specially tanned and finished European leather, these Apple-designed cases look and feel luxurious. They’re precision crafted for iPhone 6 to fit snugly, so your phone still feels incredibly slim even with the case on. The soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone. And on the outside, you see color that’s more than surface deep, thanks to a dye that’s infused into the leather.

980.000 đ1.400.000 vnđ
1.450.000 đ1.690.000 vnđ
1.950.000 đ2.050.000 vnđ
390.000 đ550.000 vnđ
400.000 đ900.000 vnđ
1.099.000 đ1.400.000 vnđ

1.690.000 đ

300.000 đ550.000 vnđ
700.000 đ1.250.000 vnđ
1.099.000 đ1.400.000 vnđ
1.800.000 đ2.050.000 vnđ
600.000 đ850.000 vnđ

350.000 đ

2.850.000 đ3.050.000 vnđ
880.000 đ1.250.000 vnđ

250.000 đ

400.000 đ500.000 vnđ
350.000 đ800.000 vnđ

50.000 đ

1.950.000 đ2.380.000 vnđ