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Tucano Colore Second Skin Sleeve 13Inch Notebook Case - Black

Mới 100% Full Box

Giá:600.000 đ

ive your Notebook the protection it deserves with the stylish Tucano Colore Second Skin Sleeve for 13" Notebooks, a boldly coloured and functional Case.

Key Features
  • Specially designed for Notebooks with screens between 13" and 14.1", the Second Skin Sleeve will snugly fit you Notebook and protect it from scratches, bumps, and falls.
  • Available in a bold, solid Black finish with a neoprene construction, the Tucano Notebook Case will be sure to make a statement.
  • Tucano's Anti-Slip System utilises an elastic cover underneath the zipper in order to protect your Notebook from scratches as well as preventing it from slipping from the case.

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